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About Julia J. McKee, Esq.

As we go throughout our lives, there are many instances where having a lawyer comes in handy. Most people will need an experienced attorney at some point, and it can be priceless to have a legal professional on your side, who you trust to fight for your interests. If you have been looking for a well-rounded attorney in Seminole, to help you with a variety of legal issues, you’ve come to the right place. The law office of attorney Julia J. McKee, Esq is your local resource, offering counsel and representation for a diverse number of legal needs in Seminole and surrounding communities, including real estate, divorce, or family law.

Our office prides itself on providing the comprehensive legal skills of a large firm, with the personalized service and attention of a small, boutique firm. You can count on us to always treat you with respect, and go the extra mile to get a favorable outcome in your case. Julia McKee works in the following areas:

  • Family law, including divorce, child custody, and mediation
  • Real estate law, including purchase/sale agreements, and disputes
  • Civil law, including contracts, business dealings, and traffic citations
  • Estate law, including will and trust drafting, and probate

When you need a qualified attorney in Seminole to assist you with real estate, divorce, family law, or other types of legal cases, reach out to the law office of Julia J. McKee, Esq today. Ask for your free consultation to get started!


Practice Areas

Family Law
Real Estate
Civil Matters
Estate Planning & Probate
Traffic Citations
Evictions / Membership Program


"Julia is fantastic at what she does - thorough, patient, and always good for a laugh, she’s someone you’d be lucky to have as an advocate!"
Catherine Fowles
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When to Change Your Power of Attorney
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