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Equitable Division of Assets / Asset Division
Equitable Division of Assets / Asset Division

Equitable Division of Assets / Asset Division

As relationships develop, partners tend to combine assets and share many things, including housing, bank accounts, and other valuables. However, when these relationships come to an end, it can be extremely difficult to divide those assets in an equitable way. Thankfully, there are Seminole divorce attorneys like Julia J. McKee, Esq, who can oversee the division of assets in a fair, respectful, and compassionate manner. The dissolution of a relationship is never easy, but with the right asset division attorney, you can approach your asset division with confidence, knowing that you have a professional on your side, advocating for you.

In Florida, and in many states, the division of assets should be fair and equitable, but it is up to the judge and the individuals involved, to decide what is considered “fair.” There are many factors that come into play, when legally dividing assets, including things like:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s income and contribution to household
  • Shared marital assets
  • Any interruption to either spouse’s career or education
  • Liabilities incurred by each spouse, to either marital or nonmarital assets
  • Either spouse’s intentional waste or destruction of marital assets

Depending on your circumstances, your asset division may be complex, and you will need an experienced divorce attorney to assist you. This is especially important in cases involving shared businesses, multiple properties, large insurance policies, and speciality tax classifications. Reach out to the law office of Julia J. McKee, Esq, to learn more, and ask for your free consultation.

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