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Child Support
Child Support

Child Support

When parents of children aren’t in a legal relationship, the issue of child support becomes important. The financial obligations to those children are calculated based on several things, prioritizing the incomes of both parents, and including other expenses like taxes, medical insurance, and employment-related daycare. Child support in Florida is generally handled on a case-by-case basis, which is why it’s so critical that you have a qualified Seminole child support attorney on your side. Depending on your relationship with your co-parent(s), and how many children you have, you can find an amicable and sustainable solution to ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

The state of Florida utilizes the “income shares” model of child support calculation, but for many modern families, this can be an oversimplification. For children with special needs, multiple parents, same-sex couples, parents with disabilities, and other unique situations, it becomes apparent that creative thinking and clear communication are needed. Thankfully, there are attorneys like Julia J. McKee, Esq, who have the skills and experience it takes, to find resolutions to common child support issues. She will take the time to thoroughly assess your situation, and advocate for the financial support that your children need to thrive.

Negotiating child support agreements can be stressful and emotional, but you can count on Julia McKee to keep things going smoothly. Reach out to our office today and ask for your free consultation to learn more.

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