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Powers of Attorney
Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

Most of us would like to have control over who is in charge of our financial and medical affairs, but very few take the time to establish what is known as “powers of attorney.” In the legal world, you may appoint someone that you trust to make decisions on your behalf, should you be physically or mentally unable to do so; this is accomplished through power of attorney (POA) documents. There are two separate categories for these powers: medical and financial. You may choose the same person to handle both (like a spouse, for example), or you may choose two different individuals.

Here at the law office of Julia J. McKee, Esq, we know the critical importance of POA contracts, at all stages of life. Most people will endure at least one period of physical and/or mental incapacity in their lifetimes, and it’s incredibly valuable, knowing that you have someone you can count on, to carry out your wishes for your healthcare and your money. Sometimes, the person whom you would want to have these powers isn’t obvious or assumed, from a legal standpoint. This is why it’s crucial to have your POA documents completed and filed correctly. You can rely on Julia McKee to ensure this!

Want to learn more about how to appoint powers of attorney in Seminole for your medical or financial life? Reach out to us and ask for your free consultation.


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