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Easements / Boundary Disputes
Easements / Boundary Disputes

Easements / Boundary Disputes

Sometimes, property owners are in disagreement over where the line stands between one person’s land and the other’s. In real estate law, these are known as easement or boundary disputes, and they can cause serious headaches for everyone involved. There are many different ways that these kinds of arguments can arise, but often they are due to inaccurate deed descriptions, or inaccurately maintained boundaries spanning back several years or decades. Thankfully, no matter what kind of easement issue you’re dealing with, you can count on an experienced boundary dispute attorney, Julia J. McKee, Esq, to help you find a swift and amicable resolution.

When considering the legal implications of easement, it’s important to note several things. Accurate, professional land assessment can show who is encroaching on who, how much, and for how long. Also, the permission to encroach is considered, even if that was given by a previous landowner. Because homes and other properties can exchange hands so often, boundary disputes are not uncommon. However, it is best to let a qualified real estate attorney in Seminole handle these, and not try to tackle them yourself. Often, these disagreements involve tense emotions, and require authoritative intervention to put them to rest.

If you need professional assistance with your boundary or easement dispute, give Julia McKee a call today and ask for your free consultation!


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