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How Mediation Can Help in a Child Custody Matter

How Mediation Can Help in a Child Custody Matter

When two parents must decide how to share custody of their child, it can be a complicated and emotional matter. If parents cannot reach an agreement on their own, the family court will decide on the custody arrangement, which includes time-sharing and parenting rights and responsibilities. It is generally preferable for parents to reach an agreement that works for them rather than putting it in the court’s hands. Mediation can often help parents decide on a shared custody arrangement and schedule.

How Mediation Works

Florida law presumes that joint custody is best for the child unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you cannot prove that your child’s other parent is unfit or puts the child in harm’s way, you generally should focus on how you will share custody instead of trying to get sole custody.

Mediation involves both parents and a third-party mediator. Each parent will state their opinions about how they should share custody, and then the mediator’s goal is to facilitate conversations and cooperation between the parents. Over the course of the process, many parents are able to discuss all the available options and reach a schedule that works for both parents and the child.

The major benefit of mediation is avoiding going to trial in family court. The following are some additional benefits:

● Less expensive
● A shorter period of time to resolve the case
● Confidential
● You keep control over your custody arrangement in your hands

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At the Law Office of Julia J. McKee, Esq., we represent clients through the mediation process, as well as at trial when necessary. If you are going through a divorce or have a custody issue on its own, call 727.266.5783 or contact us online to speak with a Seminole child custody attorney today.


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