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You’re Never Too Young to Start Estate Planning

You’re Never Too Young to Start Estate Planning

When you hear the words “estate planning,” you may automatically think of elderly people or rich people. However, the truth is, people of all ages and incomes can benefit from getting their affairs in order. It’s been estimated that nearly 60% of American adults don’t have an adequate estate plan in place, and far too many people put their loved ones in turmoil when they are gravely injured or die with no legal protections. Watching out for your family is not something that is just for older people, and nowadays, younger and younger individuals are choosing to talk with experienced Seminole estate planning attorneys, to get their paperwork filed.

There are many different aspects of estate planning that cover both, medical and financial needs. So, even if you do not have sizeable financial assets, you can benefit from getting your healthcare documents in order. Many people, especially younger people, believe that they shouldn’t even bother with estate planning while they are living paycheck to paycheck, or are deep in debt. However, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, when it comes to the unfortunate life events that can happen to you. If you were to be hurt in a car accident, you would probably want the right to appoint someone to make your healthcare decisions for you. And this must be accomplished through legal estate planning.

None of us are exempt from the tragedies of life, so don’t wait to put into writing what your healthcare wishes are. These can include appointing a healthcare surrogate, or medical powers of attorney, as well as outlining what medical care you wish to receive or not receive, burial or cremation wishes, organ donation, and more.

Although most of us associate estate planning with people of retirement age, it is actually when your children are young that this type of legal protection is truly valuable. How we create family structures these days has evolved to include a variety of blended families, unmarried parents, adopted children, and multiple parties involved in the childcare. Because state laws are slow to catch up with changing definitions of family, it’s important to have your legal paperwork on file, to ensure that the people you love are protected. Don’t leave it up to the default laws to take care of your partner, stepchildren, domestic companion, or other important loved ones.

Estate planning provides tremendous peace of mind, and that is something that knows no age. Whether you’re nearing your golden years, or you have several decades to go, it never hurts to reach out to a qualified estate planning attorney in Seminole. Get in touch with the law office of Julia J. McKee to get started today.


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