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Purposes of Drafting a Will

Purposes of Drafting a Will

At the heart of almost any estate plan is a document called the last will and testament. This is perhaps the most well-known estate planning tool, and the basis for most estate plans. The will serves a few important purposes, and you should not hesitate to discuss drafting or updating your will with an estate planning lawyer in Seminole, Florida.

Designating an Executor

When your estate is submitted to probate, there will be a person in charge of administering your estate. This includes taking inventory of your property, paying debts and taxes, defending your estate against legal claims, distributing your property, and more. Without a will, the court will appoint someone to fill this role. However, a will allows you to be in charge of this decision and designate someone you trust to manage your estate.

Distribution of Your Property

If someone passes away without a will, Florida’s intestate succession laws will govern how the court distributes your property and assets. Often, these laws may exclude individuals you may have wanted to receive part of your estate. A will allows you to designate who you want to receive assets and property and overrides intestate laws.

Legal Guardianship of Your Children

In some situations, your death may leave your minor children without a parent or legal guardian. You can include a provision in your will that names a person you want to serve as your child’s legal guardian in this situation. This prevents the need for the court to determine who will get custody of your child.

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While a will is essential, it is far from the only beneficial estate planning tool. Your should discuss a comprehensive plan with a Seminole estate planning attorney at The Law Office of Julia J. McKee, Esq. Call 727.266.5783 or contact us online to make an appointment.


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