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Estate Planning & Probate FAQ

Estate Planning & Probate FAQ

Estate planning can be a confusing matter for many people. Do you need a will? Do you need more than a will? What is the legal process for your family after you pass away? Below are some common questions heard by our estate planning and probate lawyer in Seminole. For a consultation about your specific situation, please call the office directly.

When should I draft a will?

Every adult should draft a will, as wills are not only for people who are rich or older. Wills serve many purposes that can help your family after you pass away, including:

  • Designate the executor of your will
  • Name guardians for your children
  • Name beneficiaries and the property they receive
  • Help provide access to important accounts

Without a will, the court process will be longer with greater potential for legal disputes to arise.

Do I need additional estate planning documents?

A will is only the beginning of an estate plan, and a comprehensive plan can involve many other legal tools and documents that protect your family, your estate, and your own best interests before your death. Some additional estate planning documents that may work in your situation include:

  • Living trust
  • Long-term care planning
  • Beneficiary accounts
  • Joint titles or transfer-in-death titles
  • Power of attorney
  • Healthcare directive and living will

Do I need a lawyer for probate?

If you lost a loved one, the case might need to be submitted to probate. There are different situations in which you should seek legal assistance, including:

  • You are the executor of the estate
  • You want to challenge the will or a trust
  • You want to defend a will or trust

Contact an Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Seminole for More Information

The Law Office of Julia J. McKee, Esq. helps with every step of the estate planning process and represents many parties during probate. Call 727.266.5783 or contact us online to set up an appointment with a Seminole estate planning and probate attorney to discuss your options.


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