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What Does a Civil Litigation Lawyer Do?

What Does a Civil Litigation Lawyer Do?

You may know that there are different divisions of county courts, such as probate and criminal courts. There is also the civil court division, which handles a wide range of cases, and civil litigation lawyers represent clients in these courtrooms. Each civil litigation firm is different and will handle different types of cases. The following are some examples of cases that our civil litigation lawyer in Seminole takes on.

Contract Disputes

People enter into contracts on a regular basis. Whether you get a credit card, sign a lease, have an employment contract, or sign contracts as the agent of a business, these are legally-binding agreements. However, some people fail to abide by the terms of a contract, and legal action may be necessary. Whether you would like to bring a claim for breach of contract or you are accused of breaching a contract, you need the right civil litigation lawyer to help.

Business and Partnership Disputes

When a company has more than one owner or partner, there are bound to be disagreements. In some situations, these conflicts can escalate, and one or more owners may take the matter to court. There are different ways to resolve business and partnership disputes, and you should review your options with an attorney you can trust.

Civil Appeals

When you lose a case in civil court – no matter what kind – you may need to file an appeal of the court’s decision. The appeals process has many procedural and substantive requirements, as well as different standards of review than trial courts. It is important to seek assistance right away from an experienced civil appeals attorney.

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