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Evictions / Membership Program
Evictions / Membership Program

Evictions / Membership Program

The Law Office of Julia J. McKee is pleased to offer a unique membership program for our clients who need eviction services. Designed with property managers and landlords in mind, our Eviction Membership Program offers reduced-cost residential evictions for a low annual membership fee.

The annual cost of the Eviction membership is $500. This fee grants you or your company exclusive access to our lowest rates for residential evictions. Following purchase of the annual membership, you are entitled to our representation for only $250 per eviction. Restrictions such as a limitation to restoring possession of the property or exclusion of hearings do not apply. For Program Members, we will see through your eviction for just $250, even if contested.

Court costs and administrative fees are typically as follows, and are NOT retained by this office:

  • Filing fee paid to court: $190
  • Issuance of Summons: $10 (per adult defendant)
  • Service of process: $55
  • Writ of Possession: $90

For an additional $100 per eviction, we offer expedited service including hand-delivery of all items that would otherwise be mailed, including the proposed Final Judgment to the judge and the Writ of Possession to the sheriff.

To take advantage of our Eviction Membership Program, call (727) 266-5783 or email (evictions@jmckeelaw.com) us today to get started.



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