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A trust is a vital aspect of a well-rounded estate plan, and can either replace or supplement a will. Trusts are also used to manage assets and property while you’re still alive. Depending on your unique circumstances, a trust may provide priceless guidance for the distribution of your property, before and after your passing. For a trust to be valid, a legal relationship must be made: a property owner (“trustor” or “grantor”) transfers ownership to a person or entity (“trustee”), for the management of that asset on the behalf of a third party (“beneficiary”).

This is a very popular arrangement for those who wish to provide for their dependents and loved ones, as well as avoid certain tax burdens. To better understand the value of a trust in your situation, it’s important to talk to a qualified estate planning attorney or trust attorney in Seminole, like Julia J. McKee, Esq. Her counsel and representation in estate matters can help you custom-create a trust that makes sense for you, as well as any other estate planning documents. You can count on Julia to help you sleep well at night, knowing your assets are in safe keeping now, and well into the future.

Want to learn more about trusts, how they work, or if they’re right for you? Get in touch with an experience trust attorney at the law office of Julia McKee, and request your free consultation.


Julia McKee