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Partnership Disputes
Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Too often, companies allow themselves to be taken down from the inside. It’s not lawsuits from customers or vendors that pose the biggest threat: it is disputes that arise between partners or founding members. Because these individuals have a vested interest in the future and profitability of the company, when they disagree on something, it can turn sour quickly. Thankfully, there is qualified partnership dispute attorney in Seminole, Julia J. McKee, Esq, who can help you handle partnership conflicts with confidence. Don’t let everything you’ve worked hard for burn to the ground, because your founding members are in disagreement: come to our law firm instead.

Whether your partnership dispute arises early on in your relationship, or after many years of operation, there are many routes to resolution. With an experienced lawyer, you can explore an array of creative solutions to your issues, while in a safe, neutral environment. This process, using mediation and negotiation, can quash disputes efficiently, and you can count on Julia to lead you and your fellow partners to amicable agreement once again. And if you decide to take your case to court, or dissolve your company altogether, she can assist you with these processes as well.

If you want to take swift action on your business disputes, and find a resolution that works for everyone, come to our law firm. Get started by requesting your free consultation.


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