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Civil Appeals
Civil Appeals

Civil Appeals

When the outcome in your civil case isn’t what you hoped for, you may be able to appeal. However, since civil appeals require a specific process, it’s always a good idea to talk to an experienced Seminole civil appeal attorney, like Julia J. McKee, Esq, before taking any steps forward. Whether you are unhappy with the results of your business case, contract dispute case, or something else, there may be options left for you to explore. Just don’t go about it on your own! Appealing a civil case may not be as easy as you might expect, and this process is often designed to trip you up. However, with a qualified attorney by your side, you can give yourself the best possible chance at a positive outcome.

Depending on your unique case, a written appeal or brief, may be enough to reverse the court’s decision. However, some cases require in-person oral arguments before making a motion to reconsider. Regardless of how your appeal plays out, you can count on Julia McKee to stand by you and fight for your interests, every step of the way. Your appeal may take several months, and may result in further appeals down the line; you will want a tenacious and dedicated lawyer to keep things moving!

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